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Strategies for Convenience Stores to Score Big During Euro 2024

Strategies for Convenience Stores to Score Big During Euro 2024

Buck up convenience store champs! Turn up the heat and cash in on the football fever during Euro 2024.  With over 5 billion viewers expected worldwide, this tournament isn’t just about goals on the field – it’s a golden opportunity for your store to net some serious sales!

So, you’re that enthusiastic convenience store owner gearing up for Euro 2024, ready to make the most out of the football frenzy and boost your sales like never before? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got some game-winning strategies that will turn your store into the ultimate hotspot for fans during the tournament!

Stock Up on Essentials

When it comes to Euro 2024, stocking up on essentials is key to keeping your customers happy and their game-day parties rolling.

  • Beer: Make sure to offer a variety of local and popular brands, including multi-packs and party-sized kegs. Did you know, during the 2020 Euros, beer consumption in Europe surged by 18.2% during match days? That’s a goal-worthy stat!
  • Snacks: Chips, dips, pretzels, frozen pizzas, wings – you name it! These finger foods are perfect for game-day gatherings and will fly off your shelves faster than a striker scoring in stoppage time.
  • Beverages: Keep a stock of soft drinks, energy drinks, and water (regular and flavored) to cater to all preferences and keep fans hydrated through the nail-biting moments of the game.
  • Party Supplies: Plates, cups, napkins, disposable tablecloths, decorations – everything in team colors to help fans deck out their viewing parties and celebrate in style.
  • Convenience Items: Don’t forget the essentials like ice, disposable lighters, phone chargers, and batteries for those remote controls. Because a dead remote during a crucial match is every fan’s nightmare!

With these essentials in stock, your convenience store will be the MVP of Euro 2024 game-day preparations!

Create Themed Promotions

Get creative with themed promotions to attract customers and boost sales throughout the tournament.

  • Bundle Deals: Combine beer, snacks, and party supplies into discounted packages, making it easier for fans to grab everything they need in one go.
  • Halftime Heroes: Offer special deals on items typically purchased during halftime breaks, like snacks and drinks.
  • Match Day Mix & Match: Let customers build their own snack platters at a discounted price, adding a fun twist to their game-day snacks.
  • Loyalty Program Boost: Reward frequent shoppers with bonus points on Euro-themed purchases, incentivizing repeat business.

Leverage Technology

Harness the power of technology to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

  • Digital Signage: Use in-store screens to promote deals, highlight game schedules, and create excitement around the tournament.
  • Mobile Ordering: Allow customers to pre-order party supplies for pickup before the game, making their shopping experience quick and convenient. With Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) systems, customers can order from their smartphones and pick up their items hassle-free. It’s like having a virtual queue that keeps your store organized and efficient.
  • Social Media: Run contests, giveaways, and share updates related to the Euros on your social media channels to generate buzz and engagement among your followers.

Extend Store Hours

Consider extending your store hours on game days, especially for crucial matches or finals, to accommodate fans who might need last-minute supplies and keep the party going!

  • Crucial Matches: Extend your hours for key matches where excitement is at its peak. Did you know that convenience stores that extended their hours during major sporting events saw a 25% increase in sales during game days?
  • Finals Fever: Keep your doors open longer for the finals to cater to fans who are celebrating the climax of the tournament. Finals day is like the Super Bowl of Euro 2024 – you don’t want to miss out on those sales!

Late-Night Snackers: Don’t forget about the late-night snackers! Consider staying open later into the night for fans who are hosting post-game parties or need a snack to keep them going during overtime.

Embrace the Atmosphere

Create a vibrant atmosphere in your store that gets customers into the Euro spirit.

  • Live Matches: Play Euro matches on in-store TVs (with permission), turning your store into a go-to destination for fans who want to catch the action.
  • Decorations: Deck out your store with flags, banners, and other Euro-themed decorations to create a festive ambiance that fans will love.

Now, you might be wondering how you can manage all these strategies efficiently. That’s where Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) systems come in handy. With MPOS, you can streamline transactions, manage inventory, and provide seamless customer service, all from the palm of your hand. It’s the ultimate tool to elevate your convenience store game during Euro 2024.

Remember, the key to success during Euro 2024 is to anticipate your customers’ needs, create a buzz-worthy shopping experience, and make it as convenient as possible for them to stock up for the games. With these strategies and a little Euro spirit, your convenience store is sure to be a winner this tournament season!

So, gear up, get ready to score big, and let’s kick off Euro 2024 in style!