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With over 40 years of industry experience, we understand the world of retail business. All our experience and industry feedback has gone into creating a full-service POS system that resolves all issues. We know your pain and provide a solution for it. That is why MPOS is a valued convenience store POS system with over 1200+ clients all over the United Kingdom.

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Clients using MPOS

SuperPROF Master Product Database

SuperPLOF Master Product Database

Datalinks with
major wholesalers

With datalinks connecting you with all major wholesalers, you can download all your invoices, browse wholesalers product files and download fascia group promotions With the click of a button. You can be linked to any of the following suppliers when you switch to Mpos. Spar, Nisa, United, Day-Today, Shopsmart, Londis, Costcutter, Premier, Best-One, Batleys, Menzies and more.


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Offer greater payment
flexibility to customers

With MPOS, you can offer credit card integration to improve customer experience. Credit card integration helps to serve more customers and offer secure transactions to build customers' trust in your brand.

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Retail POS Machine UK

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U.K.-based Technical Support

Our technical support team is always available to support you with hardware and software issues. Our representatives work in shifts that overlap with your working hours to resolve your issues in a flash. We understand how important it is to have your store up and running at all times, and that’s what our support team is always striving for.

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Retail POS Machine UK
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Get a system that
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When you switch to MPOS, you wont be out of pocket. The system's efficiency and cost reduction is enough to compensate for the investment.

Experience a smooth transition to MPOS


Frequently Asked Questions

EPOS (electronic point of sale) is a computerised system used by retail stores to take payments from customers for goods and services. Where it differs from a traditional cash register is that it records each transaction allowing the store owner to track stock, create purchase orders, control pricing and use reporting to improve the store offering and profitability.

Using a convenience store POS system is simple. You just need to scan the clients’ products for the information to show up on a touchscreen display and communicate the price. Once all products for a customer are billed, you can use the convenience store POS system to accept cash or card payments.


Retailing is difficult in the current economic climate. Competition is fierce and information is a vital tool to have to tailor your business to improve your offering and make your business more efficient. A good EPOS system can help secure your business’ future and help you grow it.

A convenience store POS machine includes a touchscreen monitor or tablet, a metal cash 
drawer, a card payment terminal, and a built-in receipt printer. 

MPOS is a feature-packed Electronic Point of Sales system as well as software built for retailers, by retailers. MPOS is a smart solution for convenience store staff seeking cost efficiency, reduced hours, skyrocketed sales, optimized workflows, enhanced security, elevated customer experience and and an overall increase in their bottom line.

While traditional POS systems lack modern-day features and specifications such as datalinks and applications, MPOS stands out by being an Electronic Point of Sales system. MPOS equips retailers with a wide array of cutting-edge features such as datalinks with all major wholesalers, in-built Recommended Retail Prices, seamless inventory management, detailed reporting and analytics, end-to-end integrations with multiple payment terminals, real-time updates, a user-friendly mobile app,  automated workflows and more. Powered by years of experience & the latest tech, MPOS is electronically designed to suit your convenience store needs best.

MPOS works by combining the latest & cutting-edge technology with 40 years of retail experience to empower convenience store owners and provide them with complete store management. MPOS offers Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) tills, Hand Held Terminals (HHTs), Self Service Kiosks, Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESELs), Wastage labels, Media screens, scanners & printers, cig gantries & much more.

MPOS is an Electronic Point of Sales system designed for convenience stores only.

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